Academics - Riverside High School
Riverside High School is closed to visitors without an appointment. Masks must be worn on campus at all times.

Comprehensive Education

Riverside High School partners with families and the community to provide a classical, liberal arts education that integrates knowledge, inspires character and values community service.

Our Academic Philosophy

Riverside High School offers a high quality and comprehensive high school education.

Riverside High School offers small classroom environments that allow for more teacher-student, one-on-one, individualized attention. Riverside has a culture that, above all, supports rigorous academics. The culture does this through small classes, continual dialogue between teacher and students, regular and planned remediation, teacher advisors, and tutoring. Through consistency, self-discipline, and intellectual curiosity, Riverside students become informed citizens capable of transforming our world.

Wonder what it's like to be a student at Riverside?
A Day as a Scholar
With our renowned focus on classical education, Riverside High School scholars can expect each day to be filled with academic challenges and strong faculty support. Our teachers use the Socratic method to cultivate engagement in the classroom so our students know how to use it when they engage in the global community outside the classroom. Guidance professionals form a team that coaches scholars not only through the rigorous curriculum but also through the wide variety of clubs, athletics, and service projects that round out the Riverside experience. We encourage any student interested in becoming an Indianapolis Classical Schools scholar to contact us to arrange a shadow visit and see firsthand what makes our schools different!
Daily Schedule