Individual Classes - Riverside High School
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Individual Classes

For more information about individual course offerings, click on the links below. To understand how courses fit the academic scope and sequence, click on the Scope and Sequence button at the bottom of this page.

To visit the class Haiku, which has the daily agenda, classroom materials, and other information posted by instructions, visit the Haiku resource page.

*Embedded Honors option available (AP & Pre-AP courses are automatically weighted as Honors level)

Advanced Acting

*Advanced Chorus

Advanced Dance History and Appreciation

Advanced Dance Performance

*Advanced Orchestra

Advanced Technical Theatre


ALEKS Algebra I

Algebra Foundations

*Algebra I

Algebra I Second Semester

*Algebra II

AP 2-D Art and Design

AP 3-D Art and Design

AP 3D Art

AP Art History

AP Biology

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Chemistry

AP Computer Science

AP Environmental Science

AP French

AP Human Geography

AP Language & Composition

AP Latin

AP Literature and Composition

AP Physics

AP Spanish

AP Statistics

AP United States Government and Politics

AP United States History

AP World History and Civilizations

Art History: Classicism and Renaissance

Art History: Contemporary


Beginning Piano & Electronic Keyboard

Beginning Theatre Arts





Critical Inquiry

Dance History and Appreciation



Earth Space Science


English 10

English 11

English 12

*English 9

Ethnic Studies

Finite Mathematics

*French I

*French II

*French III

French IV


Greek I


Indiana Studies

Integrated Chemistry-Physics

Intermediate Chorus

Intermediate Jazz Ensemble

Intermediate Orchestra

Intermediate Piano and Electric Keyboard

Introduction to 2D Art

Introduction to 3D Art

Introduction to Acting and Theatre

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to World Music

Journalism Yearbook

Latin Foundations

*Latin I

*Latin II

*Latin III

Math 10

Musical Theatre



Physical Education


Political Science

Pre AP English 10

Pre AP Biology

Pre AP Chemistry

Pre AP Latin III

Pre AP Pre-Calculus


Probability and Statistics

PSYCH 101 – Psychology; Dual credit through Ivy Tech

Reading and Composition

Robotics Design and Innovation


SOCI 111 – Sociology; Dual credit through Ivy Tech

*Spanish I

*Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV


Student Help Desk

Technical Theatre

Theatre Production

United States Government

United States History

World History and Civilizations


RHS Scope and Sequence