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To apply to Riverside High School, please contact Director of Enrollment, Jennene Young, at 317-231-0010, x16016. Spaces are available for 9th – 11th graders for the 2019-20 school year. 

Applying to Riverside

Riverside High School participates in a city-wide enrollment system called Enroll Indy which uses a lottery system to match students with the school of their choice. Throughout the summer, 9th grade spots may be obtained through the Enroll Indy website, while 10th and 11th grade spots may be obtained through the Riverside enrollment office. To start the process, call Jennene Young at 317-231-0010, x16106 or email


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Enrollment Windows

Round 1:
Apply between November 1 – January 31; results will be emailed on February 21

Round 2:
Apply between February 1 – April 30; results will be emailed on May 21

Late Enrollment:
Apply after April 30 if spaces are still available. Contact the Enrollment Office at 317-231-0010 ext. 16106 for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use a working email and phone number to assure you receive the acceptance email and phone call.


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Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs)