McKinney-Vento Act - Riverside High School
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McKinney-Vento Act

McKinney Vento Act

 In Indiana over 29,000 children experience homelessness each year. The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act was created with the goal of ensuring the enrollment, attendance, and success of homeless children and youth in school. The McKinney-Vento Act provides certain rights for homeless students. This includes waiving certain requirements such as proof of residency when students are enrolling and allowing eligibility for certain services, such as free textbooks.

Students who are in temporary, inadequate and homeless living situations have the following rights:

Immediate enrollment in the school they last attended or the school which is identified as the home school based on where they are currently staying even if they do not have all of the documents normally required at the time of enrollment.

Access to free meals and textbooks, Title I and other educational programs, and other comparable services including transportation.

Attendance in the same classes and activities that students in other living situations also participate in without fear of being separated or treated differently due to their housing situations.

McKinney-Vento Law

A Parent’s Guide 

A Student’s Guide

The Homeless Liaison for Indianapolis Classical Schools is:

 Shelby Briggs 317-231-0010

The Homeless Liaison for the State of Indiana is:

Gina Woodward 317-232-9189