Transportation - Riverside High School
Riverside High School Campus is currently closed. E-Learning will continue through fall break. We will return to a hybrid schedule with 1st on-campus classes beginning 10/22/20.


School Pool is an automated program of Commuter Connect to assist parents in arranging carpools for school transportation.  Commuter Connect  is a FREE and voluntary program provided by the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA).  This program establishes a confidential database for families to find other families to start a carpool.

You may register online or download a form and return it to Student Services. If you have questions, please contact Jennene Young at 231-0010, x16106 or by email.

Register online

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Pick-up/Drop-off Reminders

  • Students may arrive to campus as early at 7:30 AM.
  • Students must be picked-up by 5:10 PM
  • Please do not drop students off along White River Pkwy or 30th as it is not safe to do so.
  • All pedestrians should cross 30th and White River Pkwy at the lights only
  • During pick-up, we provide a crossing-guard to assist students passing through the lanes of traffic near the front rotunda so that they may proceed to cars out in the pick-up lines. Once a student has loaded, cars may exit the parking lot using the furthest-left exit lane.